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Welcome to the CFTA Alexander Technique training school!

CFTA (Centre de Formation de la Technique Alexander) offers
a training course over ten terms to become an Alexander Technique
teacher. The training consists of 1 600 hours of class time, from
Monday to Thursday, 9:00-12:30 (14 hrs per week), in addition
to weekend workshops and work experience throughout the year.
The school has recently moved into a new space, in studio Krom
in the 11th arrondissement in Paris. We welcome visitors to come
to a taster session, from Monday to Thursday, 9:00-12:30.

Regular rate: 25 euros – Reduced rate (unemployed / student): 10 euros

1st term : from Septembre 4th

to October 20th and November 6th to December 22d 2017

2nd term : from January 8th to February 17th and

March 5th to April 14th 2018

3rd term : from April 30th to July 5th 2018

1st, 8th, 10th, 21th of May off

Fees are 580 € per month (2016/2017 rates), spread over 39 months,
along with the cost of a supervising teacher (135 € total, or 45 € per
year) and annual membership of APTA (50 € student rate).
(Rates are subject to change due to inflation or cost of living over the course of a training period)

On completion, students receive a diploma from

the school and from APTA (French association

of Alexander Technique teachers), the French teaching

body recognized by STAT (UK Society of Teachers

of the Alexander Technique). Training can be completed

in French or English. Entry to the school happens following

a meeting and a series of individual lessons with the head of

training or one of the assistants along with some visits to the

school and a trial period. Prospective trainees are expected to

have a good basic level of practice and understanding of the

Alexander Technique before they start training.

The CFTA training school serves as a starting point for young t eachers who work with more experienced teachers who
guide them gradually and efficiently through a practical process to learn the profession.
Over the course of training, students have the chance to participate in regular extra training sessions and weekends with
visiting teachers and exchange schools.

Christine Clicquot de Mentque, assistant director


Alexander Technique teacher, trained at CFTA, classically trained singer, and “DEM”

state-qualified singing teacher, Christine Clicquot de Mentque regularly runs introductory

workshops and courses in France and Belgium on the Alexander Technique,

and the technique applied to voicework. She has run training programmes for numerous

organisations including Montpellier Opera, the regional Conservatoire at Troyes,

and at the IUT Paris Descartes university faculty. She also offers workshops and voice

training for professionals who have to speak in public, including teachers, lawyers, business

people and managers.

Sandrine Carré, first assistant


Alexander Technique teacher and flautist, trained at CFTA, with a number of prizes

and qualifications for chamber music and flute. Sandrine Smirr currently works

as an Alexander Technique teacher for musicians and actors, and is on the staff

of the Conservatoire of Meaux. She also teaches at the Summer Academy

in Villelongue dels Monts and at Pôle Sup 93, and also plays bass saxophone.

Sophie Maréchal, assistant


Sophie Maréchal trained as an Alexander Technique teacher with Agnès de Brunhoff.

She is a guitar teacher at the CRD conservatoire in Mantes en Yvelines where for the last

two years she has also been giving lessons and workshops in Alexander Technique both

to students and teachers. She also runs sessions introducing the Technique on courses

and workshops at the music academy during the summer.

Jörg Asshoff, supervisor


He worked as an actor in Stuttgart until 1993, and then became an Alexander Technique

teacher. He trained at the G.L.A.T school in Germany and now is head of training at the

Alexander Technik Schule in Berlin. /

Robert Bral, anatomy teacher


Originally a dancer and dance teacher, Robert Bral is a certified Osteopath and Alexander

Technique teacher, qualified in Body Mind Centering and ‘Fasciapulsology’. Robert Bral

has developed a new method of physical exercise inspired by techniques which are based

on rebalancing the muscle chains in the body. This work offers a more efficient method

of achieving flexibility in joints and deep muscles, and can repair damage and also work

preventatively to reduce joint problems and back pain.

Peter Ribeaux, visiting teacher


Peter Ribeaux has been teaching the Alexander Technique for over 40 years.

He is head of training at the Centre for the Alexander Techniq ue in London, where

he continues to train teachers in the technique. He has been a council member

of STAT and is currently co-chair of the moderators panel and a member

of the Training Course Committee of STAT.