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On Stage! Back to Yourself with

the Alexander Technique


On Stage! Back to Yourself with the Alexander Technique outlines how performers

can place their body and the principles of the Technique at the very heart of stage per-

formance, behind every movement; in every note of music or every word of a text. For

example, the moment of inhibition preceding the everyday movements in an Alexan-

der lesson corresponds to the 'stop' before a singer lets the air in, or a pianist moves

onto a new phrase of music. In her book, de Brunhoff uses clear practical examples to

describe step-by-step how she guides performers to be fully themselves on and off-stage.

This process of self-realization is ultimately the key to the success of the performers she

works with, and also to de Brunhoff's reputation.

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“I loved this book, I devoured it!

What a pleasure

to find myself diving into

the wonderful world

of Alexander,

and at the same time

get an insight

into the work of

Agnes de Brunhoff. [...]

In my opinion,

a real reference point

for all performers.”