Le livre

La voix humaine by Francis Poulenc

with Camille Poul, soprano

and Jean-Paul Pruna, piano

Feb 2015 - Nantes, ‘Folles Journées’ festival / Nov 2014 - Lille Opera, Foyer /

Jan 2013 - Cherbourg Opera, Foyer

“When I asked you to be the ‘performance consultant’ for this

production (we didn't know what title to give you for ‘La voix

humaine’), it wasn't just about doing Alexander. Rather we were

working on how to have the 'incarnation' of a real person on stage

together with a pianist for 50 minutes. A personality on stage.

With the whole body on stage too. It was a very moving and also

joyful process. Each time we worked, I discovered something new,

I would get a surprise. It's always possible [...] to find even more

things in yourself. I don't know anyone else who gets you to work

like that.”

Stabat Mater by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi

Jean-Sébastien Beauvais, contreténor

and Sylvie Gallant, soprano


March 2014 in London!stabat-mater/c122f



photos : Jean-Sébastien Beauvais

Sete Cordas Brazilian music and vocal ensemble

7 musicians playing together, united by a common passion for Brazil


November 2013 at the Madeleine Reberioux Cultural Centre in Créteil