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“This technique teaches me to make use of my body in its entirety,
letting me see it as a whole. I feel all the possibilities of my body
emerging, it’s exciting and it gives you great confidence in yourself.”

Frederick Matthias Alexander

F. M. Alexander was an Australian actor (1869 - 1955).

Increasingly plagued by voice problems which doctors were

unable to resolve, he eventually decided to try to deal

with the problem on his own through careful observation

of himself in the mirror. He realized it was his inappropriate

“use” of himself which was causing his voice dysfunction.

This led him to develop the fundamental principles of his

technique of “The Use of the Self”, and he taught these to others,

first in Australia, and then in Britain and the United States.


He published four books: The Use of the self, Constructive

Conscious Control of the Individual, Man’s Supreme Inheritance,

The Universal Constant in Living

“I’d had terrible pain in my shoulders since adolescence, and I was shy.
Thanks to the Technique I discovered that my body was sending out
an SOS
. I understood that without making use of the body, we can
never learn to do anything really well

“By redistributing and properly using the dynamic energy, using
the tools of the Alexander Technique, I had much more sensation.
By ‘letting it happen’ all the while, you develop an exhilarating sense
of being in charge of yourself
, your movement is more fluid,
and you are much less tired.”

“You gradually learn to listen to your body. With a neutral eye,
without judgment, you observe what state your body is in, and your
manner of using it. And when faced with the complexity of the world,
this kind of attitude is a real source of hope. This confidence gives
you a full body and changes your relationship with others. My body
is no longer this untameable beast which rebels whenever it gets the
chance, or by force, breaking out of its chains. It gradually becomes
possible to talk to your body, it develops its own consciousness
. Being
able to identify the things which upset your body, and which things
are good for it develops into a fascinating exercise.”

Nothing is preset before we actually start out on the path we are
going to take. Every individual can create their own Alexander
, for this technique helps us to reclaim the things which
nature gave to us as children, the potential we had, which we have
gradually lost over the years by the daily repetition of our bad use,
linked to the force of our habits